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Belmont Badwood Supra Black Unisex High
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anatorie duty-free shop (Tax-Free Shop)

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Handling brand

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Shop news


★News of advantageous event★
We do information for very advantageous event today.

◆: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *:◆
 Credit nimoca  
      10% OFF

◆: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *:◆

■Conduct period: From Saturday, September 15 to Monday, September 17
■Event contents
In the case of withdrawal, it should be 10% OFF when you use credit nimoca during period.
When enrollment procedure is finished by 18:30, temporary card comes to customer of the new enrollment by issuance on the same day! !

In addition, Sunday, September 16 is nimoca point 10 times day★☆

Belmont Badwood High Black Unisex Supra
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 World premium club
   Point 10 times      

◆: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *: ◇: *: ◆: *:◆

■Conduct period: From Saturday, September 15 to Monday, September 17
It is targeted for all product articles in shop and, during period, gives world premium club point 10 times.

※As there is time to be crowded during period, we accept prior reservation from Saturday, September 8.
Please order to the store staff casually♪♪

During this advantageous period, how about purchase only slightly luxuriously?
We are waiting for your visit heartily.


Recommended coordinates
We had favorable reception in last season,
Tight skirt of "A PUPIL."

We appear with wool fabric. Stretch works, and comfort is outstanding, too!
Lining becomes dot pattern and is design tickling woman's feelings♪

You can dress well in casual atmosphere in conjunction with hearty Tops.

565-15514-38-001 17.000+ tax
564-75528-38-019 28.000 yen + tax
564-05029-00-022 29.000 yen + tax


Traditional Weatherwear
"Traditional Weatherwear"

Quilting coats were received.

You can enjoy the authentic mood by simple basic design!
Color is brown and two colors of black development.

Let alone easiness of haori, heat retention is superior, too! Please see by all means in store!

Coat (Traditional Weatherwear)
564-95301-38-043 27.000 yen + tax


Junco Paris
"Junco Paris" (Junko Paris)
A/W Collection is available in 2018!

It is brand of popularity in anatorie in every season.

In this term, it is for special lineup including flower series of resin which takes model, and was made from flower of the mood and antique which pearl errand is refined, and are classic!

Number includes limit!
Please see by all means at store.


The latest introduction
It is basic popular item of anatorie,

Trendy checked blouses were received this year!

We change stand collar, balloon sleeve and form and appear this year.

You hold down sweetness and can wear for impression that is more classical, and is chic♪

It is quite popular product every year!
When you want, to hasten…

S/M size
Three colors of development
Blouse (anatelier)
528-85202-38-212 13.000 yen + tax


"helder" (L Dale)
Domestic brand which was particular about material, pattern, all aspects including sewing on the basis of standard.

Genuine article-oriented item which wants wardrobe like oneself to increase while enjoying the mood of refined adult thoroughly is prepared.

From such a discerning item which we pulled, we introduce special knit.

There is real fur of raccoon which Bucks tile can remove and is bold design with one piece!

Limit is in handling store.
Please see by all means at store!

Knit (helder)
564-15515-38-093 49.000 yen + tax


The latest introduction
It is must-have item of this year,
It is introduction of underwear of corduroy.

Color is green, pink, three colors of navy development.

Badwood Black Supra Belmont Unisex High
By center pleat processing more to silhouette with beautiful leg effect.

Line is not too thin without being too shameless and is working simple design of mix-and-match.

528-65902-38-022 17.000 yen + tax


Recommended new item
Jumper which is trend of this year is available!

Walnut button of the front desk becomes cute impression like anatorie.
It is very comfortable jumper skirt!

As you can wear in all seasons as it is denim material, and atmosphere changes by color taste, please try at right or wrong store!

S/M size
Two colors of development
528-55152-38-093 17.000 yen + tax



Casual line of "Valentino."

We began the handling in anatorie from this term.

It is introduction of shoes from that.

There is sense of quality still more, and silhouette of heel, luster of enamel become special a little to be able to give only in RED VALENTINO.

It is Tenjin, development only for Ebisu in anatorie.

564-05308-80-019 61.000 yen + tax


Traditional Weatherwear
"Traditional Weatherwear"

It is authentic assortment of goods like the U.K. which is core in concept in "British rial Close".

It is introduction of basic horizontal stripe Tops this time.

You can wear with chic atmosphere by color like autumn more. As it is yayayuttarimeno silhouette, neat bottoms alignment is recommended.

As constant seller item in the fall and winter, how about by all means?

It is going to be received in future for quilting jacket, autumn/winter including guranji.

One size
Three colors of development
Tops (Traditional Weatherwear)
564-15303-38-027 12.800 yen + tax
Underwear (anatelier)
528-65152-36-019 14.000 yen + tax
Bag (anatelier)
528-05155-00-052 7.900 yen + tax
Shoes (repetto)
564-04311-70-007 36.000 yen + tax
Hat (anatelier)
564-05100-00-019 6.900 yen + tax


ne Quittez pas
It is produced by India
It is introduction of dress of popular brand "ne Quittez pas".

tiado of slant cut becomes design becoming more attractive with individuality with one piece.
Comfort is recommended at preeminence by yuttarimeno design at seat of slight meal, too!

Free size
Black, Brown2-colored development

Dress (ne Quittez pas)
564-55307-38-019 20.000 yen + tax
Bag (ne Quittez pas)
564-05346-00-072 12.000 yen + tax
Shoes (ne Quittez pas)
564-05345-70-019 16.000 yen + tax


Wonderful dresses are available★

"A PUPIL" (a with a zing pill)
Wear brand of Tokyo.
It is simple, and it is produced for design which does not become old by clothes, material which were particular about cutting even if feelings, time pass.

Dress of dot attracting eye suddenly.
We have few presence in feelings and beauty of silhouette elsewhere.
It is the staff, the best recommended brand!
Please try comfort by all means at store.

564-55501-38-019 28.000 yen + tax
564-85500-38-019 24.000 yen + tax


Recommended new item
New works of quite popular Tulle embroidery blouse were received in anatorie!

Design with atmosphere that is slightly nostalgic in small floral design this time.
You can wear with atmosphere that is chic, and is adult.
It is one piece that it is easy to match with both skirt and underwear style★

How about for the autumn clothing of one pair of point? ?

528-85150-38-193 14.000 yen + TAX


French wear brand

[ROSEANNA] It is introduction of (Rose Anna).

Design which had charm of adult who is refined when girly is Paris, but is brand of popularity.

It becomes the first handling in anatorie.

Theme of this term
"Don' t look back you' er not going that way"

We are printed to skirt of silk material,
While strong will and message are put, collection expressed fashionably smartly is recommended brand of this term.

564-45302-38-093 90.000 yen + TAX
564-75309-38-042 66.000 yen + TAX


ne Quittez pas
babushu where fringe which swung was pretty came up from ne Quittez pas.

You wear and can wear feeling for feeling relaxed at preeminence.
It is sure to get autumn must-have item!

564-05345-70-071 16.000 yen + tax


ne Quittez pas
Familiar brand having favorable reception in every anatorie in season,
Mid Rumba Womens Samba M Wedding Peep TDA Blue Dance Latin Modern Satin Toe Heel US 10 Shoes wtR4zzZvq
"ne Quittez pas" (nukitepa).

Wonderful new works in the fall and winter were received!

As for this dress, small waste flowers drawn by delicate touch and design of silky feel of texture and hem are beautiful,
It is item which you can wear with one piece gorgeously.

Product rimokozaimasu of blouse.
Please see by all means at store.

564-55306-38-019 24.000 yen + TAX
564-85305-38-019 16.000 yen + TAX


Recommended coordinates
Camisole dress of velour which was conscious of autumn,
You do not become too much childish and, for chic feel of texture, can wear with atmosphere of adult.

It is with belt and can do waist marking.

Dress (moanompuryu)
564-55528-38-019 19.000 yen + tax
Tops (rururojietto)
528-15527-02-004 19.000 yen + tax


The latest dress
Favorable reception is introduction of quite popular dress having after the arrival immediately!

It is dress of classical atmosphere that small-sized dot is feminine.

Good comfort is superior for smooth feel of texture, too!
It is one piece to let you find autumn in chic variety of colors♪

Dress (anatelier)
528-55052-38-193 17.000 yen + TAX


The "pridia" cardigan arrival
This has favorable reception every year, too,

Cardigans of "pridia" pre-Deer were received.

Using material with bushy foot of mohair blend, it is color development with red as accent color.

Button of brilliant bijou is the point tickling woman's feelings♪

In simple form wearing well, even arrival at one piece is outstanding performance as haori.

It is quite popular product every year!
When you want, to hasten.

Cardigan (anatorie comment)
564-35509-38-062 20.000+ tax


"Nell" (flannel)

New brand by cause "pen&hand" designer.

"Nell" aiming at the making of clothes which are worn without changing ten years later is brand which is recommended as essence necessary in anatorie where simple Schick, basic were put together with.

Let alone material, we think that you can sense good point and comfort of sewing bodily.

As limit is in handling store, please see by all means at store.

Liberty print dress
564-55517-38-091 36.000 yen + TAX


The "Coohem" arrival
We have favorable reception in every anatorie in season,

Domestic wear brand
"Coohem" Winter new works were already received of this in the autumn of 2018!

As for this term, can fully enjoy various threads which only Coohem has, item of cross-fertilization of color; is collected!

Please see by all means at store!


Casual line of "Valentino."

It becomes development in Tenjin store, Ebisu store commencing with the handling in anatorie from this term.

Taste that is feminine in Gurley expressed as deluxe material in high quality is good to anatorie.

564-15300-38-062 52.000 yen + TAX
Tulle skirt
564-75301-38-051 92.000 yen + TAX


Italian high quality shoes brand.
As for the shoes of mallet made from appearance of appearance carefully by craftsman who was an expert of, many processes are finished only using good-quality leather by hand.

It is almost brand without the handling in others in Japan.

Race up shoes with small studs errand as accent are received.

Please see by all means at store.

564-05011-37-019 43.000 yen + TAX


Wonderful accessories were received★

[LUCAS JACK] (Lucas Jack)

British accessories brand.

"High-end jewelry which we can wear close"
But, it is concept.

Retinite which is colorful for Stone,
We realize affordable price by using brass which coated recycling gold of 24K in metal.

It is the first handling in anatorie in this term.
It is buyer recommendation brand★


The "CITRUS" arrival
Stall of India, brand of accessories

New works in the fall and winter were received!

Item which careful manual labor only in India was included in abundantly is quite popular in Japan!

Let alone occasion, it keeps recommended item which you can match with daily★

Star motif necklace
564-05023-00-022 15.000 yen + tax
Pearl X bijou necklace
564-05022-00-004 9.500 yen + tax


The "pratesi" latest arrival
We have favorable reception every year,
New works of bag of "pratesi" were received!
Brand which was born in Florence, Italy.
Because we color with hand paint, using Italian good-quality leather, rich hue is characteristic.

You can use bag to build up by hand of craftsman habitually for a long time forever without place depending on trend in design and quality wearing well.

It is almost precious brand without the handling in Japan.
Please see by all means at store.

564-05013-00-019 29.000 yen + TAX
(black, red)

564-05014-00-093 15.000 yen + TAX
(Leo soft-headed doh, navy, Bordeaux)

There is all light of lighting type inside and is with body seat belt.


Re-reduction in price!
We do re-reduction in price of sale product from today!

 Re-reduction in price up to 70% OFF!
          Friday, July 6 ...


★Even one point performs special time sale to become 10% OFF more only in one hour until from 15:00 to 16:00 on Sunday on Saturday, July 7, 8th!
※Article of 60% OFF, 70% OFF becomes out of 10% OFF object. Thank you for your understanding.

30% of 22.620 yen (tax-included) → 15.876 yen (tax-included)

If there is article of guide as hold, back order of sale product cannot be possible, come early.

We are waiting for your visit heartily.


The latest introduction
Liberty print, long dresses of hemp material are available!

Floral design of drawn liberty and linen feel of texture enliven the summer mood by delicate touch♪

You enjoy at maxi length slightly relaxedly and can wear.

In the same material of blouse is making!

528-54503-38-111 29.000 yen + tax
528-84500-38-111 16.000 yen + tax


leur logette new item
Winter collections were received in the autumn of 2018 of "leur logette"!

Theme of this term
"The Secret Little Eden"
We appear by embroidery and flower print, leaver lace, linen and light material errand including Tulle.

Please see by all means at store★


The latest introduction
New color of popular skirt came up in anatorie!
Brown, yellow are available.

Silhouette which we did in organdy material softly. Length is longish, too, and translucency is cool skirt.
West is easy, and it can wear with rubber.

While we wear, we are familiar and soften.
It is skirt of staff one push!
High Badwood Black Unisex Belmont Supra

Supra Badwood Belmont Black High Unisex
It is casual by T-shirt alignment,
It is dressy and can put together with blouse♪

Adjustable size (staff 156cm tall)
528-74656-38-043 16.000 yen + TAX


Sweet Vintage
[Sweet Vintage]

leurlogette limited items&vintage items
Badwood Supra High Black Unisex Belmont

We introduce scarf and wear of vintage which buyer and designer Imoto of leurlogette buy in Europe and collected only in store.

Bustier and tote bag of leurlogette which had you make to event.

Various pairs whom import tweed and vintage scarf were made to splash on each other are pleasant items♪

It is limited sale in Tenjin store, Ebisu atre (from 6/1), Yokohama LUMINE (from 6/8), and this product is in a limited quantity!

Come by all means at this opportunity!


The latest dress
We introduce the latest dress!

It is dress which is 100-percent-cotton, and is comfortable lightly in the summertime. As it is A-line, it is easy and can wear relaxedly.

Lace of the chest gives refined atmosphere and becomes classical impression.

It is dress which is good to summer outing. Please try at store!

Three colors of development
S/M size development

528-54501-38-018 18.000 yen +tax
Belmont High Unisex Supra Badwood Black
528-04251-00-050 13.000 yen +tax
564-04301-75-041 37.000 yen +tax


Miscellaneous goods sale holding!
We appreciate your always using Tenjin sorariapurazaanatorie!

We start miscellaneous goods sale on Friday, June 1 today!

☆20% - 50%OFF (there is product excluding partly)

We introduce partly!
Quite popular pearl steering wheel basket bag
14.040 yen tax-included 20%OFF → 11.232 yen is tax-included

Sandals of nukitepa where is good in summer
19.440 yen tax-included 30%OFF → 13.608 yen is tax-included

At nado, this opportunity when discount can do shopping very much, please use!

We look forward to your visit☆


The latest introduction
It is the latest introduction.

It is good blouse in coming season of 100% of hemp.

You can wear general niyayayuttarimeni.
It is one piece that we put although we are very beautiful, and race errand of sleeve is simple, and refined atmosphere drifts.

Blouse (adjustable size)
528-84501-38-003 15.000 yen +tax


The latest introduction
Paisley of Liberty print that there was atmosphere that was ethnic came up!

Dress of this paisley has favorable reception last year and is popular item.

V neck will show face rotation clearly. Style up effect is outstanding by West change of tall skirting, too!

You put on cardigan and can wear with one piece in midsummer♪

Two colors of development S/M size development
528-54500-38-192 23.000 yen +tax


The latest introduction♪
Constant seller item in the spring and summer,
Skirts of gingham check are available!

It is comfort that is mild as it is 100% of cotton.
It is easy and can wear with West rubber♪

If match with simple items such as T-shirts without becoming childish as is under-the-knee length, in lovely mature impression.

Please try at store!

528-74501-38-283 14.000 yen +tax


The latest introduction
Brand "moi non plus" which is developed only in anatorie which is produced all in India
New item came up of this.

Scallop shell and almsgiving of embroidery are very cute and are one piece comfortable lightly.
We can regulate with string of West.

564-84550-02-004 13.000 yen +tax
Black Badwood Belmont High Unisex Supra


Recommended styling♪
7H Closure Sandals SZ Platform By KSC Womens Zipper Strap Flower Black Back DS Tulle X qTP6wH
You can wear blouse dekireimenimo of race not to become too much casual to stripe skirt of soccer dough.

It is easy to wear race blouse lightly and is just one piece in season from now.
It is all-around blouse which we can mix-and-match with denim-style and skirt elegantly!

528-84350-38-019 11.000 yen +tax
528-74452-02-390 14.000 yen +tax
528-04250-00-001 10.000 yen +tax
Ankle 38 Black Boots 87 Cheyenne Size Remonte Chianti HE0qnSIRx Shoes
564-04524-70-019 12.000 yen +tax


Recommended new item♪
Blouses of 100% of hemp which frill of sleeve seemed to have a cute were received.

It is simple design which you can wear without choosing bottoms.
You can wear without minding inner by design covering side bottom.

Three colors of development
M/S size
528-84450-38-041 10.000 yen +tax
528-74659-38-219 14.000 yen +tax


Popular Tops reentry load!
Popular Tops which performed favorable reception mine, out of stock was received again!

One piece of dekozaimasu which embroidery of sleeve is gorgeous, and is just right at coming time.

Please see by all means at store★

528-14302-38-003 9.500 yen +tax


The latest introduction
Blouse of gingham check that is good in summer
As this is a feeling of solid dough, you can wear with one piece lightly without being transparent♪

Coordinates that balance is good for with trendy high waist long skirt are recommended.

528-84453-38-219 11.000 yen +tax
528-74401-38-074 15.000 yen +tax


Liberty print new item♪
Blouse of Liberty print of quite popular product came up in anatorie!

We already have the making of of dress in this pattern, too.

You can wear with refined atmosphere in drawn floral design by delicate touch.

Material is 100-percent-cotton and is just one piece in coming season!

Please see by all means at store.
Belmont Badwood Unisex Supra High Black

Blouse (three colors of development)
528-84,400 13.000 yen +tax

Badwood Black High Belmont Supra Unisex 2018.05.09

We worked on newly and were received★
A lot of new item are received in anatorie!
We have from work-style to Sunday clothes★

We look forward to your visit by all means!

564-14513-02-004 13.000 yen +tax
528-74451-38-392 16.000 yen +tax


The latest introduction♪
It is introduction of linen wide underwear which you can wear coolly in the summertime.

It is one piece that daily can mix-and-match for comfortable feel of texture lightly as there is not lining.

Button of West is the point, too, and wearing with Tops as in is recommended, too.

Three colors of development
528-64400-38-051 16.000 yen +tax
528-84401-38-052 12.000 yen +tax


The latest introduction♪
It is the latest introduction.

Dress which A-line is easy to wear relaxedly.
It is good in comfort that was smooth as it is soccer dough in coming season♪
Bucks tile is full of atmospheres like summer by laceup design♪

528-54452-36-390 21.000 yen +tax
528-04407-00-032 4.300 yen +tax
528-04251-00-050 13.000 yen +tax
528-04355-00-021 2.800 yen +tax
564-04335-36-006 18.000 yen +tax


NE QUITTEZ PAS (nukitepa)
New works are available of this!
It keeps item expressing the slow mood in anatorie.

Dress of nukitepa with unique atmosphere that power of some shoulders was lost. Please try good smooth comfort!

We regulate with string of West and come by waist marking.

Three colors of development, Free size
564-54535-02-074 14.000 yen +tax
Unisex Black Belmont Badwood Supra High


Recommended new item★
From popular embroidery blouse series, form of French sleeve came up!

Luxurious embroidery becomes gorgeous impression with one piece.
Denim alignment, kireimeni skirt alignment are recommended casually, too!

As this becomes popular item very much, to hasten when you want★

Blouse (three colors of development)
528-84,454 13.000 yen +tax


T-shirt Collection now being held★
It is anatorie now,

We are carrying out "T-shirt Collection"★

We have a lot of T-shirts made with collaboration with popular by Inge brand only for anatorie!

How is one piece for outing of Golden Week by all means?♪
Badwood Unisex Belmont High Black Supra


Recommended new item★
anatorie extreme popularity embroidery dresses were received!

By one by one elaborate embroidery such as picture become delicate made.

You can wear for classical impression in A-line relaxedly.

It is dress which is good to summer outing♪
Please try at store★

25.000 yen + TAX


Junco Paris Archive Collection
★Junco Paris Archive Collection★

From today accessories brand of Paris origin
We hold archive collection of "Junco Paris"!

We offer collection of one point of precious thing.
We present charm to customer of purchase.
In addition, designer Atsuko Yamada is come to today until 17:00!

Come by all means at this opportunity★


★Junco Paris Archive Collection★
From Saturday, April 21 to Sunday, April 28

Accessories brand to send to from Atsuko Yamada or Paris.

From semiprecious stone to plastic, cloth, collection is created by every wide feel of texture and coloration in season.

They are good at contrastive combination of classical music, feminine and masukyuran, things which are hard that it is soft if modern, and, as for the original view of the world, even Japan is supported by many fans.

We hold winter precedence order fair at the same time this time in introduction and the autumn of 2018 of past valuable collection of one point thing.

★Saturday, April 21 from 11:00 to 17:00
Atsuko Yamada of designer is come to.

We present charm to customer of purchase. Please note that number includes limit.

We look forward to your visit.


Recommended styling♪
We introduce recommended styling using product of T-shirt fair♪

In atmosphere that skirt of trendy stripe is one piece, and is refreshing.
Is chic for impression that fell when is correct with Tops of orange brown; is coordinated.

Tops (unfil)
564-14519-02-034 13.000 yen + tax
Skirt (anatelier)
528-74351-36-351 15.000 yen + tax
528-04653-00-042 12.000 yen + tax
564-04542-70-019 12.000 yen + tax


"ne Quittez pas"
Popular brand, "ne Quittez pas"
We develop resort collection.

All the products of nukitepa are production in India. It is brand featuring culture, feel of texture of handcraft only in India which there is not in Japan.

We add to good comfort on clothes made in India, and we only wear lightly, and there is unique atmosphere to come to whose body nicely strangely.

You can enjoy new atmosphere that power of some shoulders was lost♪

We give novelty by the first arrival toward the product purchase of "ne Quittez pas"! (cf. third piece)
As it becomes in a limited quantity, to hasten by all means★

564-54306-02-081 16.000 yen + tax


Recommended dress
It is introduction of good maxi length dress in coming season.

Embroidery of flower was given,
Dress of cotton organdy material
You can wear lightly in light, hot season.

West becomes rubber, and it is to neat silhouette by squeezing with West.
It is one color of summer mood with one piece♪
Please see by all means at store!

528-54900-38-093 26.000 yen + tax
528-04653-00-042 12.000 yen + tax
564-04524-80-019 12.000 yen + tax


The latest arrival!
A lot of new works which you could wear now in anatorie until summer were received!

It is quite popular product of this time, blouse of cloth for Snow cut every year.
It is 100-percent-cotton and is easy to wear lightly, and embroidery design and almsgiving of scallop shell of the chest are very wonderful♪

Trendy stripe skirt of this year
We appear with design, color of stripe as 3 patterns.
As length is longish, like adult, you can wear refreshingly, and we are very beautiful, and line is recommended, too!

Please see by all means at store★

Tops, blouse
528-48,351 9.500 yen + tax
Three colors of development
S/M size development

528-74,351 15.000 yen + tax
Three colors of development
S/M size development


Popular items are available again!
Tulle embroidery skirts which performed out of stock were received again!

Embroidery of bright flower is very wonderful skirt♪
It becomes impression that length is longish, and is lovely mature.

Simple T-shirt, knit alignment are recommended.

If color is beige, there are S, medium size in two colors of gray development.

As it is popular item, to hasten by all means★

528-74,906 18.000 yen + tax
Black Supra Badwood Unisex Belmont High


Junco Paris
New works of accessories brand "Junco Paris" where Atsuko Yamada sent to from Paris were received!

In parts used this time, there is thing of dead stock of the 1920s.

Supplier who bought warehouse finds parts which were idle from those days and is valuable article with story that it was to accessories by hand of Junco after long time.

Modishness coexists with classical music, and it is assumed that we wear in pleasant feeling♪

Please see by all means at store.

Transparent petal ring
564-04046-00-007 12.000 yen + tax
Transparent petal earrings
564-04047-00-007 16.000 yen + tax
Transparent plate flower ring
564-04041-00-080 12.000 yen + tax
Transparent plate flower earrings
564-04040-00-080 18.000 yen + tax
Transparent plate flower necklace
564-04038-00-080 15.000 yen + tax


The latest introduction♪
Long dresses of paisley are available.

It is this dress which is full of the resort mood, but can wear in daily when we have you put on cardigan or parka.

We are particular about cutting of hem, and silhouette which shakes softly whenever we walk is beautiful.

Material is light and is dress which you can wear easily★
Please see by all means at store.

525-54,904 22.000 yen + tax


The latest introduction♪
Blouses of popular Liberty print were received this year in anatorie!

Blouse of floral design created by delicate touch becomes gorgeous, refined atmosphere with one piece.
Even as for the style that is casual with denim,
You can dress well in feminine by skirt alignment♪

It is 100-percent-cotton and is easy to wear lightly and is just one piece in hot season from now!
There is ribbon, and the back is cute♪

Please see by all means at store.
Three colors of development
S/M size development

525-84,251 13.000 yen + tax


The latest introduction♪
Dress and skirts of colorful Madras check were received★

Feeling becomes bright just to wear with beautiful color like spring and summer♪

As it is 100% of hemp, you can wear until summer.

As length is longish together, dress, skirt do not become too much childish and become lovely mature impression.

Please try at store.

528-54,251 28.000 yen + tax
528-74,251 21.000 yen + tax


BAILA X anatelier
We introduce styling of blouse published in BAILA magazine.

It is mix-and-match all-around one piece that feeling lets you choose bottoms as for the blouse like this year softly of sleeve although being simple.
You can dress well with denim alignment and skirt elegantly casually.

528-84201-36-003 13.000 yen + tax
564-64504-01-072 16.000 yen + tax
564-04035-00-050 21.000 yen + tax
564-04520-60-043 32.000 yen + tax


★leur logette★
Denim series of leur logette assembled in full force!

It is special item like leur logette in feminine detail★

Handling store is limited in Fukuoka, and uncommon product is prepared in others.

Please see by all means at store.

Dress (leur logette)
564-54507-01-092 44.000 yen + tax
Salopette (leur logette)
564-64506-02-092 38.000 yen + tax


★Recommended styling★
When match skirt of pencil line with simple knit; for coordinates of adult.

When surround attached sash belt, as for the style up effect.
As it is linen material, you hang in silky comfort in summer from spring and can wear.

Knit (unfil)
564-14504-02-004 22.000 yen + tax
Skirt (A PUPIL)
564-74506-02-019 23.000 yen + tax
Bag (anatelier)
528-04050-00-050 12.000 yen + tax
564-04017-70-019 32.000 yen + tax


Special for anatelier
We had you make jacket of special denim with collaboration with "leur logette".

We just change button and accessories by design which it released by collection of past leur logette and are special jacket made only for anatorie.

As is short length, is easy to match with hearty bottoms or dress, and design which is not too casual seems to be leur logette; is finished.

Please try at store★

564-44509-02-093 32.000 yen + tax


The basket bag arrival!
This is basket bag which is very popular in anatorie, too.

As it is handbag, it becomes refined impression.

It is appearance that it is material of rattan, and is delicate, but can use habitually in one which is firm made which you did well for many years♪
This is popular item very much, too! When you want, to hasten…★

Basket bag
528-04006 14.000 yen + tax


The basket bag arrival!
Sorry to have kept you waiting♪
Badwood Supra High Black Unisex Belmont
We have favorable reception every year in anatorie,

Rattan basket bags were received!

Black Unisex Belmont High Badwood Supra
A feeling of size that we did around goes out, and basket bag that motif of ribbon is very cute is most suitable♪

As atmosphere changes by color, please see by all means at store★

Number is the rather less arrival.
To hasten by all means!

Rattan basket bag (three colors of development)
528-04005 14.000 yen + tax


Recommended new item
Supra Belmont Black High Badwood Unisex
Vintage Accessories

A lot of vintage accessories of anatorieorijinaru using model of vintage are received.

We appear by lineup that adopts a feeling of trend and air of the times, and made design not to be too nostalgic.

Introducing this time
Flower bracelet & ring.
Twisted bracelet becomes technique to need technique of craftsman and is made with one point of one point manual labor.

It is accessory which is usually good to errand and the clothing of the special scene.

It is recommended to presents♪
Please see by all means at store.

528-04014-00-003 4.500 yen + tax
528-04013-00-003 3.800 yen + tax


Pearl steering wheel basket bag
anatorie, quite popular product
New works of pearl steering wheel basket bag are available!

It is slightly softer than material of basic waterweed
It is basket bag made with abaca material.

It is recommended to daily messenger for feel of texture casual moderately!

This is early and makes out of stock.
When you want, to hasten★

528-04106-00-050 13.000 yen + tax
528-04105-00-052 15.000 yen + tax
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