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01 // Body Heat

Open Playlist
  • 01Body Heat0:36
  • 02Boombox0:29
  • 03Busted Woofer0:40
  • 04Dirty Regal0:54
  • 05Chill Tronica0:59
  • 06Dirty RetroMid 4 with Heel Moda Straps Top Crossed Strong Buckle Suede Women's Grey Boots 0:36
  • 07Festival Trap0:51
  • 08Funky Chicken0:34
  • 09Future Pop0:30
  • 10Hysteresis0:38
  • 11Lo Rider0:42
  • 12Rag And Bone0:47
  • 13Whistle Stop0:42
  • 0:00 | 0:36
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Future Electronica brings innovative sounds and must-have grooves for future beat production to your Groove Agent library. Fusing elements of future R&B, trap, downtempo chill and future bass music, this cutting-edge expansion pack covers the sound of one of today’s most inspiring electronic music branches.

All 30 kits include a wide range of drum samples including subby kicks, tight hats and crisp snares. Additionally, every construction kit features several melodic one-shot samples like soulful chords, vocal chops and deep bass loops that perfectly accompany the included drum sounds. Future Electronica also comprises a unique collection of pre-programmed grooves that can instantly be used to create a starting point for your production.

If you’re in search of inspiration to bring your beat productions to the next level, look no further! The future is here.

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Top Features

  • 30 electronic drum kits produced for future beat production
  • 480 electronic sounds including kicks, snares, hihats, percussion, synths and SFX
  • Complete production kits for future R&B, trap and future bass
  • 240 groove patterns for instant beat programming

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About Sharooz

Sharooz is a DJ/producer and sound designer with a string of releases and remixes under his belt.
He has remixed acts such as Moby and Robyn and released on labels such as Fools Gold and Modular. His DJ schedule has taken him all over the world. As a sound designer he has worked with Steinberg, Korg and Arturia. He is a published songwriter signed to Universal Music and EMI, with tracks appearing in a variety of productions, including the Palme d’Or nominated film Rust & Bone.


Future Electronica VST Sound Instrument Set is an expansion pack for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4.

Groove Agent SE 4 is included in the following products:
Cubase Pro 8.5, Cubase Artist 8.5, Cubase Pro 8, Cubase Artist 8, Cubase Elements 8, Cubase 7.5, Cubase Artist 7.5,
Nuendo 7 + NEK, Nuendo 6.5 + NEK

Expansion packs for Groove Agent

Upgrade your Groove Agent library with Steinberg's VST Sound Instrument Sets for more loops and sounds in your favorite style.

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