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Casiotone For The Painfully Alone’s Etiquette was the first album that Owen Ashworth brought to a proper studio after keeping the project exclusively lo-fi from the start. The 2006 LP’s small but widescreen ambitions have turned it into something of a cult classic over the years, and as Ashworth continued releasing music — with a few more Casiotone albums and, more recently, a couple Advance Base albums — Etiquette has endured as a particular highlight in his discography, a lightning-in-a-bottle snapshot of an artist just discovering what more intricate arrangements can accomplish while still remaining charmingly home-spun.

Ashworth is reissuing Etiquette via his own label Orindal Records next month, making it available on vinyl again for the first time since Tomlab originally put it out back in 2006. (It was released as a limited-edition cassette a couple years ago, for the album’s 10th anniversary.)

The album’s been remastered for the release, by Matthew Barnhart, and the release will include two rarities. One of them is the original version of “White Corolla” with vocals from Ashworth, which was recorded shortly after Etiquette wrapped up. The version that’s been available since 2009’s compilation Advance Base Battery Life features vocals from frequent collaborator Jenn Herbinson. Listen to the original Ashworth take of “White Corolla” below.

The Etiquette reissue is out 7/13 via Orindal Records. Pre-order it here.